Youth Ministry

Our Mission: 

Saint Cecilia's youth ministry is all about making the love of Jesus Christ known, and leading teens closer to Him and His Church.


Our Goals:

  • For teens to become lifelong DISCIPLES alive and filled with the HOLY SPIRIT
  • For teens to WORSHIP GOD with their lives and MINISTER with their gifts
  • For teens to PROCLAIM Jesus Christ in word and deed


Middle School Ministry (EDGE)

Our Edge program is our faith formation designed for our middle school youth. Edge is middle school ministry for teens in grades six, seven, and eight. Our Edge nights include a teaching on the faith, or a teaching on a cultural issue. We have breakout sessions by grade, and our Edge nights include formation on prayer, worship, scripture, and the Church teaching.

Edge Nights occur twice a month during the school year on Wednesday nights. Please see our Edge Calendar for specific dates. 


High School Ministry (Life Teen)

Sacrament of Confirmation

What is Confirmation?

The preparation for the sacrament of Confirmation is an important component of our catechetical and sacramental ministry.

Confirmation is one of the three sacraments of initiation of the Catholic Church, along with Baptism and Eucharist. Confirmation will unleash the Holy Spirit in your life, just as it did on the apostles at Pentecost. In this way Confirmation perpetuates Pentecost in the Church, so that the work of Jesus can be continued in every age. This sacrament, which provides the fullness of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, is of great spiritual assistance to our youth during this time in their lives.

At St. Cecilia we offer a two-year preparation for Confirmation including faith formation and sacramental catechesis. They begin the process as freshman in 9th grade, and receive Confirmation at the end of their sophomore year in 10th grade.

At St. Cecilia, Candidates for Confirmation attend large-group teachings and small groups sessions Sunday nights, at least one Confirmation retreat, and take part in service opportunities in their church and community as a part of this preparation. 

For more information regarding the Confirmation requirements, please read our Parents’ Letter found in the right hand column.

Life Nights (Confirmation Preparation)

Following the Mass, Life Nights are gatherings that are aimed to be both fun and a challenge for teens to go deeper in their relationship with God and to know more about their Catholic faith. They are systematic catechetical gatherings with four distinct segments: Gather, Proclaim, Break, and Send. These segments are derived from the flow of the Mass.

• Gather: This section of the Life Night involves an invitation to the teenagers that welcomes them to a Life Night. This can be anything from an interactive game, a chance to win a prize, a skit or a funny video clip.

• Proclaim: This section of the Life Night is devoted to the main teaching for the night.

• Break: In this section of the Life Night, teenagers are given the chance to "break open" the message of the night. Typically this takes the form of small groups. 

• Send: The send portion of a Life Night is to wrap up the Life Night by giving the teens a way to take the message they learned and apply it to their lives at home. Generally the send involves some personal prayer time. 

Life Teen Mass on Sunday is at 5:30pm and Life Teen starts at 7:00pm.

Monday- Thursday:
Youth Room is open during the weeks for fellowship, studying, and weekly activities. 

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