Creating Our Future

January 24, 2016


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The Five-Year Pastoral Plan for St. Cecilia Catholic Church was finalized in June of 2015 after a long process of consultations, surveys, and meetings. The Pastoral Council and the Steering Committee worked hard to get the plan done. And so, as we begin our 60th anniversary as a parish, it is only fitting that we officially launch the full implementation of the recommendations.

As many of you know, some of the recommendations are already in place while some are in its initial stages. It is, after all, a five year plan. (Please see inside for further details). To be a welcoming parish was a desire expressed by many. In this regard, the Welcoming Committee has been formed and has been at work since January of 2015. Every third Sunday of each month, we welcome new families interested in becoming registered members of St. Cecilia. Every quarter, a welcome dinner for newly registered families takes place in the Community Center. So many new families have expressed delight and appreciation for the way they have been welcomed to our parish.

Certainly, to implement the full plan, the right personnel are necessary. With this end in view, a Personnel Task Force was created and has been entrusted with carefully evaluating the organization and efficiency of the Pastoral Staff. A large parish such as St. Cecilia needs a pastoral staff that is well-organized in meeting the many and diverse needs of its parishioners. Five departments are created in order to fulfill this goal and a director under my direct supervision heads each department. They are Liturgy and Music (Andrew Meinen), Life-long Faith Formation (Karen Ann Martin), Community Life and Stewardship (Stasie Smith), Business Administration and Facilities (Ed Walsh), and the Day School (Dr. Carol Ann Everling). I can assure you that these department directors are willing to bend over backwards to help the parish grow to its full stature and be the best parish in Houston.

In the next few months, we can expect further improvements in our facilities. The Building and Grounds Committee was created to assist in this regard and it has been instrumental in assessing our facilities and in prioritizing the care of our physical plant. The relighting of the Church is in the works. Of course, the much needed replacement of the church’s thirty-seven year old roof is expected to happen soon.

We are also in the planning stages to create thriving small Christian communities in the parish through Arise from Renew International. The Parish Wide Bible Study has been received well and continues to be a venue for many for exploring God’s Word and its significance for mature discipleship and Christian living. We can further expect to have more opportunities for entering more profoundly into the salvific mysteries of our faith in Jesus Christ and how they relate to us as Christians in various stages of our lives. We also want our volunteer base to grow and transform St. Cecilia into a living and lively church filled with responsible stewards invested in the life of the parish.

From where I’m looking, the future of St. Cecilia Catholic Church is very bright. We can look back at 60 years of great history – of events, faces, and voices that passed on to us this legacy of faith – and celebrate that history as we look forward with hope and create our future of living and sharing the joy of the gospel with faith and love.

Ad moltos annos!

Sincerely in Christ,

Father Francis M. Macatangay, Pastor



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