St. Cecilia Sports Association

St. Cecilia’s participates in the West Houston Christian Sports Associate (WHSCA).  It is a church/parish association open to both the public and day school students of our parish.  A committee was formed at the end of the school year last 2014-2015, to review our sports programs (soccer, basketball, baseball and softball) to see what we were doing, whether it was meeting our needs and goals and what other options there might be for us. We essentially determined the following:

  1.        St. Cecilia would stay in WHCSA for soccer, baseball and softball
  2.        St. Cecilia would move our Basketball program over to Kingdom Basketball ( )
  3.        St. Cecilia would start a 6th, 7th and 8th grade volleyball team that will join Chapelwood Volleyball League.
  •          This is an effort to enroll any and all parish children in our basketball program.
  •          The cost is $145 per child.
  •          The commissioner is Frank Simoneaux:
  •          The overall sports commissioner is Mike Miggins:
  •          This is our sign up link: (Everything they need to sign up in on the link.)