Centering Prayer at St. Cecilia


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Centering Prayer is a silent, ancient Christian prayer that can deepen our relationship with God. It can open us to be more receptive to the gift of Contemplative Prayer in which we may experience God’s presence within us.  St. Cecilia offers the following two opportunities to learn and experience the riches of this prayer form (for more information see: To get on our email list, please contact Richard Rose at


This year’s Centering Prayer program with Deacon Sam will be considered a “restart” in hopes of attracting new members.  Centering Prayer is a means to deepen one’s prayer life by learning to “rest in God.” It is a method of consenting to the presence and action of Christ in the stillness of our being. It leads one into silent communion with God beyond concepts, words and images. Centering Prayer, has been part of the Catholic Contemplative tradition for hundreds of years.  In this restart, participants learn this way of prayer by videos, discussion, and practicing the method of prayer.

The four videos that will be used this year are ….

1.    Contemplative Service: Intention/Attention Practice

2.    Lectio Divina Practice

3.    The Prayer of Forgiveness

4.    The Welcoming Prayer

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RESOURCE MEETING – Often accompanied by Deacon Bob Hesse on the 1st Saturday of each month from 9:15-12:15 PM in Room 205 of the Community Center.  This includes two prayer sessions along with talks or videos by renowned contemplatives. It also offers discussion time to share hints and tips as well as encouragement. For more information contact Andrea Morgan at or Maria Pavlik at



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A Call To Contemplation, by Victor B. Brezik, CSB